River Run Online Organics – a Parent Affiliated Congregation

River Run Online Organics

a Parent Affiliated Congregation [PAC] of the River Run Church of the Nazarene

River Run Online Organics is currently composed of:




WordPress Website and Blog

River Run Church of the Nazarene Website and Blog is located at:





Facebook Page

River Run Church of the Nazarene Facebook page:


Facebook Closed Group

River Run:

This is an internal closed group of the River Run Church of the Nazarene. Official church information may be shared through this site and membership in this group may be restricted. More general/public information will be shared through the River Run Church of the Nazarene Facebook page which can be found at https://www.facebook.com/RiverRunChurch/.

Facebook Secret Groups

Health and Wellness:

In River Run’s Health and Wellness Support Group, we will try to model much of what is reflected in the First Place 4 Health Program. First Place 4 Health is a Christ-centered, biblically based, medically trustworthy wellness program that addresses the whole person—physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Community Crafters:

The Community Crafters in Service to Him is a Christ-centered ministry of the River Run Church of the Nazarene. We desire to be Christ’s hands and feet in our world. This group will work, fellowship, learn, and act together to serve people and our communities in tangible ways.

Camping and Hiking:

This will be a Christ-centered group, supported by the River Run Church of the Nazarene, which plans and shares related to camping and hiking activities.

Cowboy Church

The River Run Church of the Nazarene has horse-loving friends.  Modeled after a cowboy church of the Church of the Nazarene, this is a group of cowboys and like-minded folk who gather to worship God and grow in Christ. We can meet anywhere… in arenas, barns, or fields, on the trails, or anywhere we choose to gather [including online conferencing, chats, or through Facebook].

Homesteaders’ Blessings

Homesteaders’ Blessings is a secret group for those who homestead and give all the praise to God. It is designed to allow members to share God’s blessings, quote Scriptures, encourage one another, sharing homesteading tips and craft ideas, and praise God for His continued grace in our lives. We will consider this a gathering of the Church.

Music Lovers’ Worship Group:

Music Lovers’ Worship Group is a ministry of the River Run Church of the Nazarene.  Our outreach and ministry efforts emphasize the Bible, are Christ-centered, and are needs based or service oriented. Members of this group love Christian music and want to share and worship together online.




Android and iPhone App[for Personal Christian Spiritual Growth and Development]

River Run Naz:

Download the app from your Android or iPhone store.  As you travel on your own spiritual journey, we hope the River Run Naz app will be a useful resource in your personal spiritual growth and development. We encourage you to take the short Spiritual Growth Assessment in order to customize your experience. Each day you’ll receive messages selected just for you that are designed to help you grow spiritually and to live out the life God desires for you.

About FaithfullyYoursForever

This is a Christ-centered website and blog. We seek to inspire, encourage, support, and inform those who seek to know God and grow in their likeness to Jesus, the Christ.
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