Jesus Gets Grounded – 1st Sunday After Christmas [12/30/18]

Today’s Passage: Luke 2:41-52

Opening Prayer:  We often lead very busy lives, but can you imagine not knowing where your child was for a day or so?  I can’t.  But you may have read of something similar happening to Mary and Joseph, with Jesus, in today’s passage.  It seems there are fewer and fewer safe places for our children to roam, and learn, and play.  Father God, may we create places in our neighborhoods, communities, schools, and churches that are safe places for children to be free to explore.  It doesn’t happen by chance; may You use us to make it so.  Jesus wanted to learn more about His future, His life’s journey.  He knew where to go to learn more.  For us, sometimes we wander, seemingly lost.  May the paths we take and the dreams we follow lead us to You – the source of knowledge and wisdom.  Prepare us for our journey and guide us along the way.  In Jesus’ name, I pray.  Amen.

Opening Song:  Nichole Nordeman – Holy (Lyric Video)

Message [used with permission from A Sermon for Every Sunday]: Jesus Gets Grounded – Rev. Mandy England Cole
The Rev. Mandy England Cole preaches a sermon from Luke 2:41-52 called “Jesus Gets Grounded.” She begins: “Have you ever wondered if Jesus had to sit in timeout as a toddler, if he ever had to stay behind at school and write sentences on the chalkboard, if he was ever grounded as a teenager?” When she asked her own twelve-year-old why this story is included in the Gospel he said, “Because he was choosing the church on his own for the first time, and why wouldn’t they include that in the story?” Oh, the wisdom of a twelve-year-old!


Closing Song:  Nichole Nordeman – Dear Me (Lyric Video)

Closing Prayer:  When we first came to a saving faith in Christ, we came as a child.  We needed to be fed.  We needed to grow.  As we travel along in life, we experience many things.  We make choices and we learn.  This is true for our spiritual life as well as our physical life.  Father God, may we continue to grow in the knowledge of You.  May we become wise.  May we testify of You by who we are becoming and by what we do in this world.  All this and more, in the Holy name of Jesus, I pray.  Amen.

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