River Run’s 2019 Annual Report to the Maine District Church of the Nazarene’s District Assembly

River Run Church of the Nazarene, Detroit, Maine

Annual Report to the Maine District Church of the Nazarene’s District Assembly

[prepared April 2019]

Some plant, some water, some harvest… and some disciple.  River Run tries to do a little of everything.  I have several mini One More stories to share with you today.

  • We took our organic Bible study group on Sundays to locations around the community in One More attempt to witness to more community residents. We met 8X; had 3 participants, interacted with 9 employees, and had conversations with 3 other individuals.
  • River Run offered a twelve part small group study. It was held at a campground in East Newport, Maine.  This was One More effort to offer a discipleship group at a new location. We engaged with 13 people during the study and had 3 participants.
  • Our Crafting Group Ministry made One More new outreach contact to an area Women’s Homeless Shelter. We distributed Personal Care Bags and Household Baskets to 12 residents.  In addition, we engaged 5 people in One More Community Support Activity.  The group painted prayer rocks to be distributed through future outreach events.
  • Our Community Garden was relocated in late June. We had One More successful year producing, harvesting, and distributing over 468 pounds of food… serving 15 households of at least 37 people.
  • As a result of pre-marital counseling sessions, One More recommitted to a life as a follower of Jesus and One More drew closer to making a lifesaving commitment to Christ.

River Run Online Organics also has a few notable One More Stories to share.

  • 31 new WordPress followers of our blog have One More opportunity to grow through daily devotionals and Christ centered words of encouragement.
  • We estimate between 25 and 30 individuals, worldwide, accessed One More scripturally based message each week since the end of November. 12% of our views are from countries other than the United States.  We had repeat traffic from 17 countries [28 countries in total].

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