Power Play – The Fifth Sunday after Pentecost [7 14 19]

Today’s Passage:  Luke 10: 25-37

Opening Prayer: Father God, who is our neighbor?   May You, Lord God, give us eyes to see.   Are we ready to be a neighbor?  May You, Lord God, equip us to seek and serve.  In Jesus name, I pray.  Amen.

Opening Song: Brandon Heath – Give Me Your Eyes (Official Music Video)

Message [used with permission from A Sermon for Every Sunday]: Power Play – The Fifth Sunday after Pentecost by Rev. Dr. Amy Butler, Senior Minister of the Riverside Church in New York City and for a decade prior to that as Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Washington, DC.
A lawyer asks Jesus, “Who is my neighbor?” Jesus responds with the most famous parable of all, The Parable of the Good Samaritan, from Luke 10:25-37. But the Rev. Dr. Amy Butler, for five years the Senior Minister of the Riverside Church in New York City, reminds us not to mistake familiarity with understanding. After Jesus’ parable, the lawyer has to admit that the Samaritan was the neighbor. But that wasn’t the question he asked. The lawyer had asked, “Who is my neighbor?” But Jesus wanted to know who acted like a neighbor.  Where does true power come from? It’s not about religion, rules, or hierarchies: it’s about getting off your donkey and serving your neighbor.

Closing Song: Jeremy Camp – Dead Man Walking

Closing Prayer: At some point, I expect we all could have been found guilty of turning a blind eye to the needs of others.  But, let’s move beyond the guilt and shame.  May we open our eyes and choose to serve an awesome God.  Teach us how to be the neighbor You would have us be?  In Jesus’ name, I pray.  Amen.

Epilogue: So, who is going to do it?  They are saying nobody is going to do it.  Well, want to learn who nobody is?  Take a listen.
Casting Crowns – Nobody (Official Music Video) ft. Matthew West

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